Why use treated water for your Plants and Gardens?

If you think about it, not only are good nutrients and fertilizers important, but we also know that good water quality is also a fundamental component for the healthiest plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.

For this reason, if the water we use isn’t clean, what we cultivate won’t be either. The water that we give to our plants should be “the best that we can possibly give them”. We say the “best possible” because we CAN control the quantity of contaminants in our water and not have to worry about the chemicals that come out of our faucet or tap.

Chlorine is the principal enemy that we find in all municipal waters. As a chemical, chlorine burns a plants roots, slowing and harming its growth potential. Lime scale, calcium and magnesium, are two other principal enemies in our water. Even though they are good nutrients for plants, in water they are found in small crystal blocks that will cover the plants roots and block the uptake of the necessary nutrients and fertilizers that we give them.   

We are personally responsible for eliminating the contaminants present in our water, as the municipalities and water companies don’t care about the quality results of our plants and gardens.

Professional Growers around the world know the importance of quality water in Hydroponics and all Growing and Gardening in general.



Welcome to GrowMax Water’s new Blog

Welcome to GrowMax Water’s new Blog.

Throughout this new Blog we will be sharing with you our more than 20 years experience in the world of water treatment.

We will talk about how and when to use the range of FILTER systems – with flow rates from 240 L/h to 2000 L/h and when you may want to use REVERSE OSMOSIS systems – with production rates from up to 20 L/h until up to 125 L/h, all systems designed exclusively for use in the world of Hydroponics and Gardening.

We will inform you about the advantages of using clean, chlorine free, filtered water or pure, low EC reverse osmosis water, as well as different components and accessories to help facilitate quality installations.

Also we will publish news regarding our Grow/Hydro, Garden, Aquaponics and Aquarium business sectors, updates on local European and worldwide trade shows, that will be for your interest.

Professional Growers around the world know the importance quality water in Hydroponics and all growing and gardening in general, so we will share our and their knowledges with you of how to Grow it to the Max!


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