When to use Filtration Systems?

We all know that using quality water is important for cultivating and growing our gardens. But all water is not the same quality to begin with. Some water has high EC, some have high iron and manganese content, some well waters are even contaminated with bacteria. However ALL municipal city water does contain chlorine.

Chlorine is a chemical used by cities to kill off possible bacteria in the water and assure that the water is potable or safe to drink. However, as chlorine is a chemical it should then be removed, before drinking. 

The same is true for your plants and gardens. Chlorine is a chemical that must be removed or it will kill the beneficial bacteria present in your soils and also burn your plants uptake roots, limiting the absorption of vital nutrients and essentially slowing your plants growth. 

You do not drink water from your swimming pool nor do you water your plants and gardens with swimming pool water. Chlorine should most definitely be removed from your garden water!

If the EC content of your water is reasonably low and there are no other major contaminant problems with your water, then a FILTER unit is a simple, economical solution for your to eliminate chlorine, a chemical contaminant, from your garden water.

See here the GrowMax Water Filter Line with their high capacity GREEN CARBON BLOCK FILTERS, which will eliminate up to 99.99% of the chlorine present in your water.


Here we show you an installation of a SUPER GROW 800 L/h at a strawberry farm. Healthier plants and tastier fruit!

IMG_20140519_192818_Italy Green house strawberries with Autopot Systems Italy