Water pressure is important to know when installing a reverse osmosis System

The first thing we need to know when installing a reverse osmosis System is the inlet water pressure. 

All membrane manufacturers base their production calculations on 60 psi(4,3 kg/cm2) and advise in most cases a mínimum pressure neccesary of 40 psi (3kg/cm2) for the RO unit to function correctly.

Importance of a good strong inlet pressure

With a good strong inlet pressure, RO units will produce a good quantity and good quality water, while also sending less water to drain.

Without a correct water pressure (less than 40psi/3kg) Ro units will produce less water, worse quality and also send more water to draon.

4 kg/cm, the optimal pressure
4 kg/cm, the optimal pressure


For this reason, all Growmax Water Garden Reverse Osmosis Systems include a pre-pressure gauge, pre-installed after the sediment prefilter and before the green carbon block pre-filtre and in all cases, before the membrane.

How to obtain the best results with your RO unit

If after installing the RO unit you see the pressure gauge below the mínimum requirement (40psi/3kg), you shoould install a Growmax RO Pressure Pump Kit, to obtain best results for quantity and quality of water. This Pump kit will raise your inlet water pressure by 40psi/3kg. Above your corrent inlet watwer pressure.

GrowMax Water has two Pump Kits available, the first for the Power Grow and Maxquarium units, then also a HF (High Flow) Pump to be used with the higher producing Mega Grow unit.

Remember that good, strong water pressure is the key to an optimum functioning RO unit.