GrowMax Water accessories for improving your installation

At GrowMax Water we are experts in Water Filtration Systems for Hydroponics and Gardening. To help improve your water quality or your installations, we offer you a range of “Kits”.

GrowMax Water filtration systems eliminate up to 99% of chlorine from water, while the RO systems, in addition to eliminating chlorine, also help you to lower the EC (up to 95%) and stabilize the pH. In addition you can also complement your RO systems to get ultra pure, 000ppm water by adding our De-Ionization Filter Kit. We also offer a Float Valve Kit, to avoid water overflow of your holding tank water, a UV Lamp to kill viruses and bacteria from well water, and RO Pump Kits to get more inlet water pressure, to boost production and quality.

All accessories have been designed to complement the GrowMax Water units to get you the best quality water and satisfy your growing needs.

I need more inlet water pressure for my RO unit: RO Pump Kit

The inlet water pressure is the most important factor for good operation of a reverse osmosis system. So, once you have your RO system installed, you need to check the pressure gauge to see the inlet water pressure.

According to all reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers the mínimum inlet pressure needed for a working production is 3kg/cm2 or 45psi.
All membrane manufacturers base their production calculations on 60 psi (4,3 kg/cm2) and advise that the mínimum pressure neccesary for a good operation is 45 psi (3kg/cm2) for an RO unit. That’s why with a good strong inlet pressure, RO units will produce a good quantity and good quality water, while also sending less water to drain. With a low inlet water pressure, the RO unit will not produce a good quantity and quality of water, also the drain will increase.

To avoid these problems, if after installing your RO unit the pressure gauge is under the minimum requirement (40 psi – 3 kg/cm2), you should install the RO Pump Kit for Power Grow 500 and Maxquarium 000 PPM, or the High Flow RO Pump Kit for the Mega Grow 1000 unit. These kits will increase the inlet water pressure for the membrane work in good conditions, and both include all necessary for their easy installation.

I want Ultra Pure water with any RO water system: De-Ionization Filter Kit

Using a RO system, you lower the EC from the water up to 95%, which means eliminating almost all the salts and heavy metals dissolved in the water. But if you would like an ultra pure water, of 000 ppm and 0,00 EC, then you must use a De-Ionization filter, installed after the RO.

Our Maxquarium 000 PPM reverse osmosis unit, already includes a de-ionization filter, however we also offer the possibility of installing a de-ionization filter kit after any reverse osmosis system, to achieve ultra pure water. The De-ionization Filter Kit is available in 10” and 20”, according to the flow of water you need.

The De-ionization filter contain both anion and cation resins that will eliminate 100% of the remaining salts, having already passed through the reverse osmosis membrane. This filter is replaceable and it’s recommended to change it when your EC meter shows higher levels than 0,00.

I want to avoid water overflow when I fill my holding tank: Float Valve Kit

Maybe on more than one occasion you have forgotten about the water as you were filling your tanks…. and the water overflows. This is a typical situation that has happened to more than one of us.

But you can avoid this using the GrowMax Water Float Valve Kit. This will stop the production of the Filter or RO unit, when the water reaches the Float Valve height in the tank. Thus, water overflow as well as water waste is also prevented.

I want to kill viruses and bacteria from well water: UV lamp Kit

GrowMax Water RO systems eliminate Chlorine, sediment and dissolved salts from water, providing pure and clean water. But if you are using water from an underground well, it’s very probable that this water also contains viruses and bacteria, and a good way to eliminate them is with the UV Lamp Kit.

UV lamps kill up to 99,99% viruses and bacteria from water, which especially live in well water or tanks with rain water accumulation. These bacteria can do damage to your plants, as well as doing damage to the RO membrane, causing it to fail. If you are a possible contaminated water, you should install the UV Lamp Kit before the RO system.

We offer two UV Lamp Kit models, with different flow capacity: 4 LPM (liters per minute) or 22 LPM, according to your needs.

I need more tubing for my installation: Tubing Kit

All GrowMax Water systems include a complete installation kit with a 3 meters of feed water tubing, 3 meters of product water tubing and 3 meters drain tubing.

However, some installations may require more meters of tubing, as the tap water connection or the pure water tank is far from the installed unit, or simply because the drain is an extra few meters away. For these cases we offer separate Tubing Kits – containing 10m in each.

Now you know the GrowMax Water accessories. Ask for them in your local Hydro Store and Grow Shop or contact us at grow@growmaxwater.com

3 reasons to use reverse osmosis with your humidifier

We know that using reverse osmosis systems we lower the EC from water and get healthier plants and bigger productions, among other benefits. But did you know that reverse osmosis besides to protect your plants also helps your humidifier to works better and for a longer time?

Reverse osmosis and the humidifier

Humidifier helps to regulate humidity in the indoor growing. It works adding water to the tank, which then escapes as steam, humidifying the air and preventing withered plants and diseased plants due to the dry environment.

GrowMax Water reverse osmosis systems lower EC and eliminate up to 95% of salts and heavy metals from water, and also eliminate up to 99% of chlorine. The result is a quality water, pure and free of salts and chemicals, perfect for using with your humidifier and your plants for some reasons.

Reasons to use reverse osmosis with the humidifier

1. Prevent precipitated limescale inside the humidifier’s tank

As hard water cause precipitated limescale in our water installation as well as in bathrooms, or washingmachine, the same situation will occurs in the humidifier’s tank using hard water. Limescale will be accumulated inside the tank, interfering in the way the humidifier works, producing less steam and increasing it maintenance.

If we use reverse osmosis water to fulfill the tank, we ensure a better maintenance of the humidifier and a better steam up capacity, increasing the humidifier’s usable life, because the precipitated limescale inside it will disappear.

2.Get quality water steam

Using water free of salts, (with a lower EC) to fulfill the humidifier’s tank, we avoid limescale precipitations, but also we ensure that we get a quality water steam, so the result will be a quality environmental humidity too.

3.Protect our plants

Providing a quality water steam, we avoid possible problems in the plants leaves, since they will be save from limescale effects and other dissolved salts into the water. Also we protect plants roots, which won’t be blocked by precipitated limescale.

Keeping in mind these three reasons, our range of reverse osmosis systems will be the best ally for your humidifier, because they will help you to take care of your plants with the best water quality possible.

Other uses of reverse osmosis

In addition to use reverse osmosis water with the humidifier, it’s also recommended to use it if there is a water softener installed. These devices don’t eliminate calcium and magnesium, but covert them in sodium, sometimes in toxic levels. If sodium exceeds the 50 ppm, plants can’t get their genetical potential.


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Essential nutrients for plants

Plants, like humans, need a healthy feeding, according on the genetics and depending on the growing stage. Calcium and magnesium are two of the indispensable nutrients in their diet, as important as phosphorus, iron, nitrogen, potassium, and manganese, in the right amounts. A lack of this essential nutrients can cause problems in the plants while they are growing and we get bad final results.

Knowing some of the symptoms of a lack of basic nutrients in plants, we can control better the plants growth and we will ensure that they have the right amounts of food.However, it is important to distinguish between the macronutrients, that are absorbed in big amounts, and the micronutrients, which are also necessary for plants nutrition, but only in small amounts (high levels of this nutrients can damage them).

Previously in other post, we talked about the importance of calcium and magnesium in plants. Today we are going to talk about the skills of the rest of essential nutrients, starting with the macro-nutrients, the ones plants need in big quantities:


It’s an essential nutrient, because it is one of the necessary elements for carrying the energy through the plant. Phosphorus helps to build cells, DNA, proteins and enzymes. The higher concentrations of phosphorus are in the plants roots, the growth peaks and the vascular tissue, what it means, in the develop parts of the plant.

In young plants, the presence of phosphorus is indispensable for a good growth, because in the first quarter of plants life is when more phosphours they absorb.

When there is a lack of phosphorus: the plant stops growing and the branches development slow down; also it turns in a dark green color. Finally, if the time goes by and we don’t fix the lack of phosphorus, can appear necrosis in the oldest leaves and deformation.


It’s one of the most important nutrients that the plants need, and an essential part of proteins, chlorophyll, vitamins, hormones and DNA. Nitrogen is a component of the enzymes, so it has an active role in the plant metabolism, promoting their growth. Some positive effects of nitrogen in the plants are bigger leaves, more quantity of branches and a longer growing season.

But a lack of nitrogen can cause the opposite effects. A lack of this nutrient delay synthesis protein, and the plant have to broke its own proteins to keep satisfaying its needs. When this happens, it produces a surplus of carbohydrates due to the proteins breakdown. That’s why leaves stems and plant stem turn into purpura color.

Due to the lack of nitrogen, also appears with time a chlorophyll breakdown, turning green color of the leaves into yellow or whitish green, till they finally wither and fall down.

A lack of nitrogen also can affect the plants roots. If there is a lack of nitrogen during the early stage of growing, the whole plant is damaged and it doesn’t grow enough (the plants organs don’t grow right, stooping general growth). If it happens in advanced age, effects aren’t so devastating as when the plant is younger.


Potassium is present around the whole plant and it’s essential to carry the water through all the plant structure. It’s also indispensable for opening and closing stomata and get strength and quality to the plant.

When there is a lack of potassium there is an evaporation reduction. When this happens, the leaves temperature increase and cells burn, mainly in the edge of the leaves.A lack of potassium makes that leaves tips show a grey edge, which then turn into rust-colored, till leaves fall off. Another symptom are yellow leaves from the edges to the leaves nerves, and brow and rust-colored spots of died tissue.

An overload of salt (sodium) around the plants roots can cause the lack of potassium. That’s known as a Nutrient Lockout, when plant roots are blocked and they can’t absorb the rest of nutrients they need.

In the other hand, we have micronutrients. Despite being needed in less amounts by the plants, they are also essential for they growth and healthy.


It’s a common nutrient in the soils but in large amounts, could be toxic for plants, so it’s a micronutrient. Furthermore, iron is more difficult to absorb than other nutrients because usually it’s present in the soil as an insoluble component. There are only few soils where iron is available for plants in the necessary form.

The absorption of iron by plants greatly depends on the pH. Normally, acid soils have enough iron available for plants. Some symptoms of a lack of iron: leaves that continuously turn into yellow, or even into white; leaves with necrosis and plants that stop growing.


Manganese is found in high concentrations in the meristem (the most active part in plants), and to a lesser extent, in plants roots and stems. It’s an essential trace element for plants, which turn on enzymatic actions, as for example, the water division during photosynthesis or the cell membranes formation.

This nutrient is absorbed by plants through the roots and goes across the whole plant haltingly, but easier than other nutrients, like iron or calcium, less soluble.

A lack of manganese cause physiological changes in plants: the proteins production decrease, minimizing the plant capability for absorbing nitrates. When this happens, the plants growth is delayed and appear symptoms in the leaves, similar to the symptoms of the lack of iron or magnesium.

But in the lack of manganese cases, yellow spots are between lateral nerves, and the rest of the leaf keeps its green color. No whitening. So this must not be confused with the lack of iron, which turn yellow al the leaf.

High levels of pH can make a lack of manganese, because with a high Ph, manganese becomes manganese dioxide, which can’t be absorbed by the plant.

Reverse osmosis to prevent the lack and the excess of nutrients

MAXQUARIUM-000-PPMThere are a lot of fertilizer products and nutritional supplements to feed our plants: compost products, fluid products or even solid. Adding these products, we give all the essential nutrients to the plants, according to their needs in each growing stage, to prevent the symptoms and problems explained above.

But in advance of adding these nutritional supplements to the irrigation water, it’s very important to control the EC of water. In such way, we will know the amount of salts and minerals already dissolved in our tap water. However, we can’t control the exact amount of each mineral and salts in water only with an EC meter. So if we add to this water high amounts of calcium, for example, and the water already have a lot of calcium (hard water) we’ll cause a Nutrient Lockout in the roots. Or we can cause the opposite situation if the water we are using have low levels of calcium.

Using reverse osmosis water, we lower EC up to 95% and get water free of salts and minerals. We achieve the perfect balance between water and the right amounts of nutrients for feeding our plants. How? We know that plants can receive an EC of up to 1,4 to 2,2, according to its genetics and depending on the growing stage. The higher the EC level is, less nutrients we can give to our plants. So if we start with an EC in the water of only 0,1 or 0,2, then we will be able to add much more nutrients.

Essential nutrients and pure water

Most exigent growers prefer to use directly ultra pure water (000 ppm), to be sure that all the nutrients they give to the plants are exactly from the nutrients solutions and supplements, but not from water. And for that, they use reverse osmosis systems like Maxquarium 000PPM, which has been designed for hydroponics and also for aquariums industry, where they need the most pure water, and that produces up to 20L/ h of pure water.

GrowMax Water also offers the de-ionization filter Kit  to achieve ultra pure water (000 ppm). This is an available accessory to install in all reverse osmosis systems.

Using ultra pure water, growers only have to add the amount of nutrients they want to the water with their nutrient supplement,  without worry about the EC of the water they will use.

To sum up, using reverse osmosis together with nutrient supplements, we can prevent growth and nutritive disorders mentioned above. We must keep in mind the right amounts of nutrients our plants need, according to their growing stage and features, and control their growing.

Grow it to the Max with GrowMax Water!

How a reverse osmosis membrane works

In this article we would like to help you to understand how a reverse osmosis membrane works. The following information is valid for all reverse osmosis membranes, supplied by GrowMax Water or other manufacturers.

A reverse osmosis membrane is made of different polyamide layers through which tap water is filtered. With this process, we obtain a water with a lower EC (with a low salt level) and free of bacteria and virus. The pores of the polyamide layers are able to filter up to 0,0001 microns.

Production specifications of the reverse osmosis membranes

The specification is made by the Membrane Manufacturers and is based on the following parameters:

1 – Water Temperature: 25º C
2 – Water Pressure: 60 psi (4.3 kg/cm3
3 – TDS (Total Dissolved Solids): 500 ppm (0.7 EC)

Therefore the production will increase or decrease according to variations in the above water conditions. Example:

-Water production will decrease by 3.6% for each degree below 25º C. So, if your water temperature is 15ºC, then; 10º (less) x 3.6% = 36% decrease. Now, 20 L/h can be about 13 L/h.

-If the temperature is even lower, let’s say 10ºC, then: 15º (less) x 3.6% = 54% decrease. 20 L/h can now be as low as 9 L/h.
-Also, at the same time if the inlet pressure is lower than 60 psi (4,3 kg) then your production will also decrease.
-Also if the TDS is higher than 500 ppm (EC higher than 0.7), then again, you will have another lower production rate. The higher the EC, more inlet water pressure is needed.

How long will a membrane last?

We cannot know exactly how long a reverse osmosis membrane will last, because it depends on three factors:

1- The quality of the water
2- The amount of water passing thru
3- The amount of waste water.

For example, the higher the EC, the worse is the quality water filtered, means the membrane can sooner be incrusted with salts. The higher the amount of water filtered, the less is the life of the membrane, and the same happens because of the amount of waste water, that is to say, the less waste water amount the sooner the membrane will be full of salts. This last point is very important, so we will explain it in more detail below.

The waste water in RO systems

reverse osmosisAll the reverse osmosis systems must send waste water to the drain. Why? The different polyamide layers of the membrane retain the salts from the water, but that portion of the water doesn’t go to the drain needs to be flushed out of the membrane, so that the membrane doesn’t become incrusted with those salts.

GrowMax has designed its reverse osmosis systems for the Hydroponic and Gardening markets. Because we are not using pressurized holding tanks, different from residential RO units, we have designed our units to REJECT MUCH LESS water than others conventional units.

Most RO systems are designed to reject 4:1, 5:1, 6:1 or more. This means for each liter of water produced, 4, 5 or 6 times of the amount of water is needed and send it to the drain (or garden). GrowMax units are designed to reject only 2:1. This saves a lot of water.

However, the downside to this design is that if the TDS or EC is very high, more than 500 ppm (> 0.7 EC) then the lifespan of the reverse osmosis membrane can be diminished.

GrowMax Water reverse osmosis systems use 150 GPD (Gallon per Day) membranes for the POWER GROW, MEGA GROW and MAXQUARIUM.

This is the highest production membrane currently available in this size and configuration, without using much higher cost membranes that require much higher inlet pressures, pumps and motors.

Reverse osmosmis membrane diagram:

membrana osmosis inversa
Accessories to improve the reverse osmosis membrane

bomba-de-presion-para-osmosis-inversaGrowMax offers solutions to improve your installation or help in the case of adverse water conditions. These solutions are different accessories that will help you to boost the membrane production:
If your inlet water pressure is low (less than 40psi/3 kg), you have to install a GrowMax Water Booster Pump to your RO system. This will increase the water pressure to a 4-5 kg constant inlet water pressure. We have a Booster Pump Kit valid for use with POWER GROW and MAXQUARIUM and also a High Flow Booster Pump Kit, valid for use with the MEGA GROW.


In case your water has a high EC level, the membrane can be saturated and clogged sooner. You can change out the FLOW RESTRICTOR in your unit, to a larger flow restrictor, to allow for more water rejection to the drain, thus helping to prolong the life of your membrane.

POWER GROW 400ml 550ml (foto)restrictor-de-flujo
MEGA GROW 550 ml 800ml (foto)
MAXQUARIUM 400 ml 550ml (foto)



Learn more about GrowMax Water Reverse Osmosis Systems designed for hydroponics and gardening.

How to get the appropriate pH for your plants

The pH shows the acidity or alkalinity value of the water. We can measure the acids through the concentration of hydrogen ions: strong acids have high concentrations of hydrogen ions and weak acids have low concentrations. Plants, like the humans, have a shifting pH value. If they don’t have a proper pH they will not enjoy good health, being more exposed to be attacked by fungi, viruses and unwanted insects. With an appropriate pH, we get stronger and healthier plants.

To understand the pH it’s important to consider the acidity, which determines the absorption and solubility capabilities of different nutrients. The pH level varies between 0 and 14, so water with a pH below 7 is considered acid water, while with levels over 8 is considered alkaline water. A pH level of 7 it’s considered neutral.

pH levels

The pH levels of the irrigation water also modify the pH levels of the soil. Tap water, in most cases, have pH levels higher than 7 on most places, especially in the cities, because it contains more calcium. The recommended pH for all kind of growths, varies between 6,5 and 7,5, so if you irrigate plants with a higher or lower pH, it could damage the plants.

With a lower pH (lower than 4), more acid, the plants roots can be damage. Furthermore, some nutrients are easily dissolved with these levels of pH, being absorbed by the plants easily, but this can cause an overload of aluminum and iron, and a lack of other important nutrients like magnesium, potassium or phosphorus.

With a lower pH, the heavy metals can cause also necrosis in the plants roots.

The water with a high pH has also negative effects in the plants, because the more alkalinity the water is, less capacity of nutrients to be dissolved. This can cause a lack of nutrients in the plants and consequentially problems for their growth (yellow leaves, plants that don’t grow enough…).

How to stabilize the pH of water

With the pH meter we can measure the hydrogens concentration in the water. Once we know the pH of water we have, we can control it value using some acid/alkaline products that we can add to the fertilizers and nutrients solution we give to the plants.

However an easy way is using reverse osmosis water ¿why?

Reverse osmosis water  has a pH value of approximately 6,5. If we use this type of water, we always know the Ph of water we have, which will help us to water the plants. We also have water free of chemicals (chlorine) as well as salts and heavy metals, or in other words, a lower EC water. Using a quality water we will warranty a healthier plants and protected from fungi or viruses attacks.

Know more advantages of using quality water and grow it to the Max with GrowMax!

Float valve for tanks: the solution to prevent water overflow

How many times have you forgotten to turn off the water before the water tank reaches its maximum capacity?

While we wait to full our tank of purified water, we often prepare fertilizers and nutrients or focus on other issues like cleaning the grow room or even leaving for a while. However, after a long absence, we may come back to find a mess in the grow room: the water overflows and the room is flooded.

This is a very common situation that has happened to more than one of us, but this can be prevented by installing a float valve in the tank.

How does the float valve work?

Commonly known as float buoy, when the water reaches the top of the float valve, it stops the system and so the water production. Thus, water overflow as well as water waste is prevented.

The Float Valve controls the water level we need in the tank according to our irrigation needs. Now we can mix in in our tank the nutrients and fertilizers we need to water our plants till we obtain the necessary EC level without wasting any water.

Installing this equipment is very easy and will help us to prevent more than one surprise in our grow room. Growmax Water offers the Float Valve Kit  which includes all the connectors to be easily installed.


“Forget about wasting water and time cleaning a flooded floor”


Find more information about GrowMax accessories available in our website or contact us through our costumer service.

Are you ready for the new season of indoor growing?

Autumn is here and we start a new season of indoor growing. It’s time to prepare our grow room and review all the indispensable accessories to get the best results. A Water Filtration unit or Reverse Osmosis system is the first accessory you will need to get the best quality water for growing

As a house must be built with a good and strong foundation, you must also start with pure water to have a strong foundation for growth. A clean, free of chlorine and low EC water, is the right way to help our plants grow to their full potential. Just us we keep in mind the nutrients and fertilizers we are going to use, is also important prepare the water before we start to irrigate our plants.

Water quality control in indoor growing

With indoor growing we can control the light hours, the temperature and humidity in the room according with the plant’s needs and we can even control the water quality that we will use to irrigate them. There are different accessories for this that must be in our indoor room: the EC meter, for measuring the quantity of dissolved mineral salts are in the water (but which doesn’t tell us the quantity of each salt component), and a pH meter, very important to control the pH levels.

osmosis inversa en cultivo de interiorThese water treatment systems and control accessories are very helpful for growing, because water is not the same everywhere. We can receive soft water (low EC) or hard water (high EC), according on the amount of mineral salts we have in our tap water. Hard water contains a high level of dissolved salts, that will directly influence the quantity of nutrients we need to add to the water we give to our plants.

-Keep in mind that our plants can receive an EC of up to 1,4 to 2,2, according to its genetics and depending on the growing stage. The higher the EC level is, less nutrients we can give to our plants. Here an example:

“If the water we use has an EC of 1,0 then we will only be able to add from 0,4 to 1,2 of nutrients to reach our maximum levels. If on the other hand, we start with an EC in the water of only 0,1 or 0,2 or even an EC of 0,0 then we will be able to add much more nutrients to our plants.”

– Less nutrients we can add, more risk for deficiencies in our plants, like deformed leaves or with yellow and brown spots because of a lack of calcium ; yellow leaves because of the lack of magnesium, among other problems.

-With a high EC level, the water will have high levels of calcium, and will cause lime scale in the roots, decreasing its absorption capability.

-If we irrigate with hard water and then we add even more nutrients to our soil, we can cause a nutrient lockout , that can inhibit the growth of our plants.

Reverse osmosis systems eliminate up to 95% of all dissolved salts, lowering the EC, getting pure water. They also eliminate heavy metals and chlorine up to 99%. Also, reverse osmosis helps to stabilize the pH, between 6 and 6,5.

“Using reverse osmosis you will get clean, pure, quality water for growing to the max indoors.”


However, even if the water from the tap doesn’t have high EC levels, chlorine will be the enemy, because as we all know, it is a chemical that attacks plants roots, burning them, while also killing off beneficial micro-organisms (link to the article) whom live in our fertilizers.

Water Filtration Systems are the solution to eliminate chlorine up to 99% and also reducing sediment, rust and oxidation. These systems also eliminate Herbicides, Pesticides and Volatile Organic Contaminants that also affects the plants.

In summary, if you are preparing your indoor room with indispensable accessories for the new growing season, remember to include a water treatment system (link). Together with the EC meter and pH meter, you will achieve clean, quality water that your plants deserve.

Grow it to the MAX this indoor season, with GrowMax Water!