Growmax Water offers optional accessories to improve your instalation or your water quality.

Water Filters - Eliminates Chlorine

GrowMax Water filtration systems range from units that filter 240 liters per hour for house plants, flowers and other indoor and outdoor applications up to 2.000 liters per hour designed for large gardens, nurseries and other commercial uses.

All GrowMax Water systems use ECO-FRIENDLY coconut carbon filters that have superior absorption capabilities.

Removes up to 99% of Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Volatile Organic Contaminants.


Chlorine (Cl) is a chemical element essential to many forms of life and can not be found in pure nature, usually combined with other elements and metals.

It's a toxic gas of unpleasant odor that, depending on the degree of concentration, can cause different effects on the human body: from irritations in the eyes and throat, cough, pain and / or burning in the chest to pneumonia and death.


Chlorine has a large number of applications in industrial applications and processes, from disinfection and the creation of plastics to the development of drugs, insecticides and dyes. It is used as a disinfectant for equipment, furniture, surgical material and hospital enclosures although its most widespread use is to eliminate bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses in potable water supplies and pools.

If you want to know more information about chlorine and the benefits of removing it from your irrigation water, you can continue reading more in our blog article, here.

Reverse Osmosis Filters - Reduces EC

GrowMax Water reverse osmosis systems are the best available for the growing and gardening industry today. These units produce pure water and range from 500 liters per day up to 3.000 liters per day, and include features like pressure gauges, flow restrictors, and automatic shut-off valves to ensure your system will maintain optimum performance and reliable service for many years.

Removes up to 99% of all Salts, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Herbicides and Pesticides, Volatile Organic Contaminants, Nitrates/Nitrites.


The EC is the ability of a compound to conduct electricity from the amount of mineral salts dissolved in it. That is why controlling the EC (electro-conductivity) of water is a very important factor to keep in mind for any grower or gardener.

If you want to know more information about the EC and the benefits of reducing or removing it from your irrigation water, you can continue reading more in our blog article here.

Replacement Filters and Membranes

Growmax Water uses a high quality filters and membranes in all our systems, including ECO-FRIENDLY green coconut carbon block filters. Timely, filters replacements are important for good maintenance for your Growmax Water system. It is recomended to change out all filters at the same time.

We recommend changing all filters at the same time.